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Monday, May 16, 2005

Great News For Arrested Development Fans!

I had my calendar set for Thursday, May 19th when FOX is supposed to announce their lineup for next season. For some reason, maybe, the optimist (or pessimist) whatever, decided to take a peek today and see if there were any new developments on my favorite show. And, I can say, the best show EVER on television (yes, even better than Seinfeld) ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN RENEWED!

I've said it before and will continue to say, The Bluth Family ROCKS!

So many issues to resolve:

Did George really pull off sticking Oscar in prison instead of himself because Oscar burned his fingerprints on the "cornballer"?
Is George now part of the Blue Man Group? Dissing Tobias?
Will Buster ever get his hand back from the "loose seal"?
Is Steve Holt G.O.B.'s son?
What happens with George Michael and Maebe's kiss?
Does the studio find out Maebe is a fake?
Will Kitty get the chance to flash her boobs again?
Do we get to see Franklin again? Or, is he permanently white and washed out.
Will George Michael ever get another kiss from Ann (Egg) when they're not at Marc Cherry's house protesting Desperate Housewives?
Are George Michael and Maebe biological cousins?
What about Lindsay, can we see more causes?

Long live Arrested Development!


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