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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Judy, I Hope You Feel Better Now

Got an email from Mary, an ex-coworker from my old CPA firm telling me Judy (another coworker) had been admitted to Hospice yesterday...dying of lung cancer. This brings back too many memories of Mom dying.

Just got this email from Lynn (the previous tax manager) in South Carolina updating me:

Judy passed away around 4 pm this afternoon. How quickly that disease whipped thru her! Makes me appreciate my health and life and friends even more.
My response:

I am so sorry about all this. When I received that message from Mary saying she was in hospice, morphine...I knew it was a matter of hours.

That's how it went with my Mom. Saturday night-emergency room. Sunday morning-hospice and tons of morphine. She was still kind of aware a lot of the day, but went out of it around 6:00 p.m. I spent the night with her and she never came back out of it. One of the things she said on her morphine drip, "Man, this is the way to go." Monday-still never spoke and passed away early evening.

I am very, very sad. I really liked Judy a lot. RIP, Judy.

Yes, I am really sad. I'll always remember you lady, and your wicked laugh. Have a great time riding your Harley in sky!


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