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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How Funny Is This?

Last night, I quickly saw the story on mymsn.com saying something like "Boo Hoo Graves Gone From The Reds." Trust me, that is not verbatim, but was what I remembered as far as key words go.

This afternoon, I was typing into the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo & MSN, "boo hoo danny graves." Just to find the article that tickled me so much last night and made me call everybody who gives a crap. Sure, I had it linked from here, but something made me do a search.

(By the way, this little exercise helps prove that Yahoo is the freshest engine out there, not Google anymore!)

Kids, try it: Yahoo. That ROCKS!

Yup, as of this moment, I'm number 1 and 9 as far as results go! Of course, this is subject to change.

Speaking of Google and how bad their results are out of date and they have never resolved the "hijacking" problem. Check out this result: Adsense. Google has claimed for the last year or so that there is no hijacking problem. But now, some dude from Kentucky has hijacked their adsense page. It's probably an innocent thing, but how stupid is it that somebody can hijack one of their pages when they swear nothing is wrong! For now, look at the number one result. They will probably manually edit the results soon while leaving all the other innocent webmasters out in the cold.

It's been a very interesting couple of days.


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