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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jeeebus Replied To My Email!

Here it is:

"My newest Jeeebevangelist Rochelle

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Thank you for letting me know you and your friends laughed at my various reincarnations. With all the shit going on in the world today
- my Dad sometimes gets hiccups and misses things - it's good to be able to laugh one's ass off... which is exactly why most people kneel when they pray, because it's too painful to sit down.

Your picture was very good. I will ask my earthbound web guru dude to consider it next time he does an update to the site, however I seem to remember I have already been cast in less-than-favorable light given the proximity of the Hustler store?

I am sure there are many Jeeebus lovers who would find that t-shirt a blessing. To save them placing a 'lonely hearts' ad in the classifieds.

Yours blasphemously
The Big Jeeb

The letter you sent us has been read and translated in my presence. [Ezra 4:18]


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