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Monday, August 29, 2005

Nick Called And Wanted To See Roxy

I had every intention of coming home tonight because I didn't sleep at all last night. The last place I want to go on a Monday evening is O'Chuck's. Yes, I do adore Roxy, but that stupid couple that comes in on Mondays make me want to kill myself and everybody in my path. How many times do I need to hear, "Whooo Whoooo." Shut up already!

Had a good time anyway. Plus, Candice dropped in (that was a bonus). And, besides, Nick paid the bill! How often does that happen? Ummm, never.

The three of us raced to Home Depot taking different roads. Of course, Nick came in first, I managed a meager second because the damn light was red at the intersection and Candice got behind some slow car and finished last. What a trip. Driving down the highway at 80 mph, praying that the cops weren't out. My family is way too competitive. At least we didn't knock into each other like at the gokart track. But, it was a good laugh...just like Gatlinburg.

So, we picked out the bathroom furnishings. Got out of there for less than $1000. But still have to buy ceramic tile which will be the last piece of the puzzle. Not a bad deal. A new beautiful bathroom for around $1500. Have to thank my ex-husband for giving me a great deal on labor and materials. Thanks, Tracy.

P.S. Nick and Candice, I adore you two!!!


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