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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trying To Find My Friends In New Orleans

This sucks. I've emailed Lisa a few times trying to find out if they are ok. Of course I haven't heard anything back.

I hope you, Beth, Peter & K.C. are alive.

As I said in my email, Lisa, which you will probably never receive, come live with me for a few months. I'm sure I can get you kids jobs up here (well, maybe not K.C.), but for the rest of you, there are all kinds of restaraunts going up around here. Maybe K.C, can sell roses here, but I doubt it.

K.C. is the one I'm most worried about.

Lisa, I know you just bought your fixer-upper, but this really sucks since I'm pretty sure it's all wiped out.

Anyway, I wish I would get an email back saying you have survived. You guys are in my prayers, even though I don't pray much, but I have been for my friends.

I love you guys and hope you are ok. Beth, I can assure you would knock all the horny guys out around here.

God, I hope you kids are alive! God speed!


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