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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Million Dollar Home Page

One more thing before I hit the sack. Way to go Alex! This brilliant college student has made over half a million dollars by selling his pixels (his goal is a million and he'll make it). Yeah, I was an early adopter with the gambling instruction site. He is a genious and I felt all warm and fuzzy sending the kid $100 for "university and socks." Even a Google engineer genious, Matt Cutts, sent props to him for his great idea.

Do you know how much spam I get each day from the copy cats? Too much. The funny thing is that some of these morons have copied his whole site and links. Sure, I'll take some FREE LINKS. Idiots!


Blogger TyreDurgan said...

Where is your add?

10:50 PM

Blogger TyreDurgan said...

I found one!


3:48 AM


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