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Friday, October 14, 2005

RIP Hooodey Hooo

Got a phone call from Dan, my brother, telling me bad news. Shit what a horrible way to start a conversation. Of course I think his wife or one of his kids are dead.

It was their Sheltie, Hoodey. He had to be put down because of kidney failure. Sounds kinda like Mom's problem when she passed.

He got his name from "Gomer Pyle" when the all clear sign was to scream, "Hooodey Hoooo." I'm very sad about this since Hoodey lived with us for a couple of years. I haven't broken the news to anybody yet. Nobody is home and haven't heard from Nick or Candice today.

Nick (especially) loved that dog. (Remember that day Hoodey went home and Mott-the cat-was dead across the street? What a fucked up day.)

Tyler, I'm so sorry your buddy is gone. I hope Hoodey and Mom are having a great time right now. I love you Tyler and Hoodey.


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