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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not Even Going To Edit That Last Post

This is absolutely the worst user interface I've ever seen! Holy shit! I'll say it again...this sux. Actually, it said, "thi sux." But deal with it kid.

I'm in Vegas and can't buy a four of a kind to save my life (except the other day at the soon to close Westward Ho and their shitty machines. 2nd hand drew 4 kings, and quickly hit all 5 buttons. Ha Ha, two of them were sticky and I went too fast and ended up with 3 kings. I've jinxed myself.) Jeeebus, throw me another 4 of a kind, please?

Tomorrow, is the last day of Pub Conference. This is when we have the actual pub part of it. I need to separate my business cards tonight. They've been in the dresser drawer since I got here. I'm having a great time, picking up a few hints, and haven't even spent much time with the heavy-hitters yet. That will happen tomorrow (I hope).

Anyway, it is quite amusing to try and read this stuff on the dumn TV. Doesn't work too well. Hilton, wake up and make this easier!

Goodnight for now.


Blogger TyreDurgan said...

Hey, I spoke with Nick and he told me to tell you to have fun slutin it up in Vegas! He also said that he crashed your computer looking up porn last night. Apparently Beastiality.mpg contained one hell of a virus. Sorry about that one.

10:38 PM


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