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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thanks Jack!

He fixed my glasses tonight after I sat on them this morning. That right nose thingy has been killing me all day.

I just turned on House accidentally instead of that female president show with Gina what's her name, and realized the theme song from House is one of my all time favorites. It is such a beautiful song. Now if I can just remember what it is. Nope, not Angel, what is it?

Ok, pulled my iPod out and it is Teardrop by Massive Attack. By the way, that dude from Office Space is on House. You know, the guy that gets hypnotised and doesn't give a shit about anything?

So, I think I'll watch House for now and then Nip!Tuck at 10:00.

One more thing, as far as I know Arrested Development starts up again Sunday. [Edited...should say Monday, Sunday was the past two years.] Hoo-Day!


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