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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It turns out Shelley The Republican is a total fake. I was so hoping these people were really this ignorant. Here's the disclaimer somebody found:

For the legal text please refer to the Terms and Conditions
ShelleyTheRepublican.com is a satirical entertainment web site. The purpose of this website is to point out political and societal injustice by exaggerating the viewpoint of the party the injustice originates from. Basically it's save to say that almost all information in the articles on this web site are false. The web site is designed to be funny. If you don't find it funny, we kindly ask you to leave. We are committed to Freedom and Justice for all. Please let your friends know about this website. Thanks.

You are welcome to post your comments. The comments pages will be closed when more than 250 comments are posted, in order to keep to bandwidth usage down. We reserve the right to decline your comments for the following reasons:
  • Obscene expressions (f, c, n, s - word)
  • Racism
  • Extrem hatred
  • Threats
  • Comments that clearly do not refer to the original article
  • Comments not written in the English language

If you like to contribute an article, please send it to Shelley@ShelleyTheRepublican.com, we might publish it or not, we will inform you. If you have comments or suggetions you don't want to post on the website you can send us an email to the same address.

STR Liberal LOGO

Great link bait, eh?


Blogger Shelley said...

I am sorry in inform you that you received false information.
I am most certainly NO FAKE!
I am the real deal.. and: Did I mention yet tonight how much I hate democ-rats?
God bless,

7:37 PM

Blogger Rochelle said...

Thanks for showing up here Shelley. So, you really did switch your blog to Windows Server 2003.

You are a true American!

11:04 AM


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