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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Stupidest Day Of My Life - EVER!

Wow, what a dumb day. Saturday, Doug, Dorothy, Candice and I went to the VinoKlet Wine Festival. We drank way too much wine and I spent the night at Doug and Dorothy's. I rode my scooter to their house because the XYL's were having a scooter tune up party this morning. D & D live really close to Clifton and it made sense to go from their house.

So, I'm riding around Clifton trying to find this building called the "Mockbee" and finally I see scooters on the sidewalk. Being the dumb ass that I am, I try to jump the curb. Guess what? I had the throttle wide open and couldn't find my brakes. Yup, I crashed into the freakin' building! What a way to meet up with scooter friends. I am so embarrased, but I have to admit, it was funnier than hell.

That's me, Doc Bob and Laurie shortly after the crash. I look pretty embarrased, eh?

I was a nervous wreck when I left. This is where the wine part from yesterday comes in. I was so dehydrated, but couldn't stop to get anything because it's a pain in the ass to take off the helmet, gloves, jacket and backpack. Dying of thirst, riding up Hamilton Avenue, I get stuck behind a parade. Damn, I had to get something to drink! Finally, I reach Kemper and head east to O'Chuck's to get some coke and watch the end of the Bengal's game. I sit down at the bar and there is nobody to serve me. Gary sees me from the kitchen and comes to my rescue and gives me a coke. Brad eventually shows up and I think I drank about 23 cokes in a matter of minutes.

Blah, blah, blah. Of course the Bengals win. Who Dey! Oh, and my man, Bronson Arroyo won for the Reds again. Good sports day in Cincy.

For some reason Roxy shows up and invites me to her house for Gary's daughter's birthday party.

The next stupid thing to happen is her cat, "Psycho" keeps getting loose and running away. He gets halfway out the door and we yell at Maddy to "Shut the door." She does. And, unfortunately, about two inches of his tail gets chopped off.

What a day. I had to babysit Maddy until they got back from the animal ER. Poor kitty has to have surgery. And, I'm one tired mofo.



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