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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Cincinnati Rollergirls Kick Major ASS!

I went to the bout with a bunch of scooter kidz and my family. It was a blast. Sadistic Sadie kicks all of them. After the bout, my nephews, Collin and Ian, got Sadie's autograph and a handshake.

The boys told me, they are only going to take showers with a baggie on their hand!

They are so cute!

Here's another video of my crazy family screamin' and screamin'. Everybody needs to go see these girls rock hard. The Gardens even offers dollar beers at all of the matches, plus tailgating. A great way to spend a Saturday night every few weeks.

Oh, yeah, love you Mirderher, Nik Jagger, Fight Attendent and all the rest!

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