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Saturday, April 12, 2008

More SXSW Memories

Liam Finn. I had him highlighted to see, but just could never make it...too much other stuff going on. I caught his performance on DirecTV and I am so bummed I didn't get to see him.

Also, didn't get to see X, but they're at Bogarts May 16. And, The Duke Spirt, but they are in Covington next Friday, opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! April 18th is going to be a bitch since I have to figure out how to see The Duke Spirit/BRMC and then get to the Gypsy Hut (Tipsy Slut) to see Culture Queer and Wussy. The Covington gig begins at 8:00 and the Northside shit starts at 10:00. I suppose it is possible?

On the Austin trip we had two vehicles...a mini van and a truck so we were split up 4 in the van and 2 in the truck and alternated driving chores. We were around Dallas and had to get gas (so over the walkie talkie after the van takes an exit and we are driving down the street) Dawn announces that we are getting gas at the place that had a "big red K with a red circle around it." Leslie's reply is, "That would be a Circle K."

But here is what was even stupider, directly across the street was another Circle K?

The other things I just remembered from Leslie. She was running down 6th St. to get to a show and literally ran into Billy Bragg. I mean she freakin' knocked into him...she just looked up and said, "Sorry Billy."

The other Leslie story. Walking down the street, she hears a band playing that song by Fastball; "The Way." And she is kind of screaming, "Why in the fuck would anybody play that stupid song, it is SO 10 years ago!" Then to her amusement, she realizes it is Fastball playing Fastball!

Oh, another one...Morrisey bought her a beer in Dublin.

That's it for now...just remembered some stuff and needed to document it.

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