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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's So Hard And Tough Being Smart And Right All Of The Time

Now I am pissed off. I just wrote a post and it was gone when I previewed it!

Back to the story...I hope. My daughter wants to move to Florida and take me with her. I've never really lived alone, but that is my first priority. I want a small place all to myself. Nobody to answer to, to shop for, to hide my bad habits. I just need to find a decent living without working for the man.

Crackheads, you've got a new player around the block. (Even though I have no idea how to start.)

Tonight, I took in the dozen middle finger talking lighters to the bar. Sold all of them within a matter of minutes and made a small profit. Ron, my buddy, suggested we start selling this crap on the Internet. Hey I'm game. Let's make a ton of money! He has all kinds of crazy ideas (if he could just remember them the next day.) I told him my son-in-law, Jim, aka Racing Legend, Johnny-Jackson Stone has to be involved. He's the closest thing to a Type A personality (crackhead) I've ever seen, A quote from him: "It's so hard and tough being smart and right all of the time."

Lookout guys, I'm coming to attack that Crackhead territory...wish me luck; or point me in the right direction!


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