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Friday, January 14, 2005

Feeling Creative

I really want to write something on my site about Independent Music, DVDs, Hi-Tech & TV, but I'm lost again in the template. I need to reorganize this stuff, but can't figure out how!

For instance, the new Apple Shuffle (512 mb for $99.00 & 1 gb for $149.00) was released a few days ago; can't write about it until I reorganize. I'm very interested in the new Apple Mini...never owned a Mac, but at those prices, I could. Starting at only $499.00! I would love to have an Apple just to play around with and see all the cool features.

My mom used to have an Apple IIC, way back in the day. Personally, I always thought that Apple IIC was a piece of shit. The word processer that came with it was like coding html. Then I got into the corporate world and discovered software like WordPerfect, and later, Word.

Of course, it was hard getting my co-workers to switch from WordPerfect to Word and Lotus to Excel. As a matter of fact, I could probably walk into that CPA firm tomorrow and find Paul still using Lotus version 4.0. I truly doubt, Mary, my successor ever got him to switch! Geez, I know I never could convince him.


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