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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Did It Again

Just did another long post and lost it because of the stupid spell check. When will I learn to "Save as Draft"?

Think, think, Rochelle, what did you just write? The thing I remember most is maybe my life is really boring, not ever boring!

Tonight was Roxy's birthday party. Happy Birthday Biotch!

Skipped out on juggling again; not sure when I'll return. I can't get my head together yet since Mom passed away. Rachel & Cindy were going tonight, but I can't deal with it yet, plus had a birthday party. Not ready yet for the juggling scene.

Took care of Candice & Jim's animals and came home to find that Cleo (my dumb dog) had unplugged the router and speakers from my computer. Had to bribe her with cheese so I could climb under the computer desk and plug everything back in. (Ya see, when it's raining or even rain threatening, Cleo hides under my computer desk and quivers. The only way to get her out is with cheese.)

Last night, Dad gave me Mom's rings. Just have to get approval from Paul, Dan & Doug before I have them reset. Mom & Dad both had said previously they wanted me to have them since I am the first-born and only daughter. They both want me to pass them on to Candice. Mom had it reset after her Mother died in 1982...a few months before Candice was born. Of course, I don't have a diamond to add to the cluster, but Candice has a kick-ass one to pass on to her daughter (assuming she quits hating kids).

That's all I have for now. Love ya Rox and hope you have a great time with Rick tomorrow!


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