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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I Remembered A Stupid Story For You, Mom

We were meeting with the funeral director; what a horrible day. This guy would start telling, long, dragged out stories and Dad would follow with more long, dragged out stories...At one point I leaned over to Paul and said, "Give me your belt." He said, "Why?" My response: "So I can go freakin' hang myself!"

Back to the point. As we were telling the long-toothed guy the info for the obituary, you know, Dan (Angie), Doug (Dorothy) the stuff in the parentheses. Paul wanted to be listed as William Paul. Smart-ass Doug yells out, "Put Paul in parentheses." Heehee; I know he's gay because it was in the newspaper.

Love you Mom and I hope you're finally comfortable. BTW, is Silver up there...doubt it! But tell Blackie, Punkin, Maddie, Mott, Patches, Bingo...I love them (maybe not Mott; that bastard used to make me go to my car walking backwards). Also tell Grandma & Grenada I said hi.


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