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Monday, January 10, 2005

Hey Simon & Lila, I love you

Tonight and tomorrow, I have to babysit Candice & Jim's animals...Simon, the big old fat kitty and Lila, the little Cockateel who freaks out when i yell, in a high pitched voice, "Pretty Girl." I got stuck watching "24" and missed out on the Skyline junk food. They still had their light on and I'm sure they were laughing their asses off as I sat at the drive-thru for 10 minutes. Had to settle for a "Fillet o' Fish" from McDonald's. What a disappointment!

A shout out to Kat...Ms. Queen of the games! Don't know how in the hell she knows what she's doing. We played "Photo Hunt" as a pair, but I guarantee, I only contributed 20% (at the most). Kat, you ROCK!

Finally got home, and that little stupid kitty, Chez, ran out on me. She's not fixed and was in heat last week. Chez, get your ass home, NOW! Poor, timid, Cleo (the dog) is afraid of the dark so I couldn't convince her to go find Chez.

Gotta sign off now, tomorrow is Roxy's birthday party. Love you Rox! Oh, yeah, Mark, Arn, Nancy...won't be juggling again tomorrow.


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