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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Daughter of Donald Trump & Prymaat Conehead

Had to laugh at my hair this morning. Too late to do anything about it, though, other than laugh.

Get my new shoes tomorrow for my baby! Kind of stoked about these new Toyo tires that will kick ass.

Received some comments last night about being able to get four new tires for $200 or less. You guys (Arn) don't understand about my specific needs! Not much to choose from, and the ones they can get, are all high-performance shit.

So what? I have to lay out a lot of cash tomorrow for these puppies and I don't particularly give a fuck.

OK, got to write something for my neglected site now. But, check out the Baccarat tutorial Will wrote...funnier than shit. Damn, he's a talented guy.


Blogger Arn said...

Sorry, I didn't know you were a tire snob!

10:22 PM

Blogger Rochelle said...

I'm not! There just aren't any other selections out there!

Yeah, I could pay Walmart $600 for Goodyear. Or $480 for Toyo.

What would Arn do? Er, I meant Jesus.

10:26 PM


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