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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Orleans Here I Come!

Woooooo hooooooo, just booked my hoetel fom June 18 to June 26. Can I survive eight nights in the Big Easy? Well, I'll try!

That was phase one. Phase two is the airfare. I saw better flights a couple days ago, but just formally put in my vacation request today. I'll book a flight tomorrow.

Got to meet Candice and Jim's new little puppy, Booger. What a cutie! We had a cookout Sunday afternoon, and little guy was so sleepy. Then we drove around and looked at potential condos. Who could possibly give you a better tour than a pizza delivery guy. Got all kinds of ideas and I can't wait to be out on my own after all of these years.

Plus, Nick put on my brakes Sunday...hopefully, nothing else dies on my car for a few months. Just knocked on wood, hopefully, it will go for a while longer before sucking more bucks!


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