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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Last Few Days Have Been Pretty Depressing

1. Nick and Sara had a miscarriage yesterday. I'm so sorry kids. I love you. And, if something isn't right or the right time, that's why.

She went to the Doctor today and she is Rh negative and he is Rh positive. Give it some time and let her get the shots. And, if you're serious about making a baby, then be serious about a commitment, already! Wait until after Gatlinburg. Elope in Gatlinburg while we're all there (and you can still party like it's 1999) and then get busy. But, I don't want to hear the noise if you elope...get a ROOM!

I'm so sorry sweeties! But it was for the best. You two are young and can practice all you want...I just don't want to hear it or hear about it, OK?

2. Double D, if you are committing suicide tonight, it's so unfair to pull Rox into this! I don't know what you've done or what kind of problems you have, but it's not right to make her feel like this! Damnit! Dude, there is always a way out. Just wake up and face your problems. Don't hurt the people who care about you!

It was just a week or two ago you wanted a little car like mine. What has happened recently to make you think you have to end it all? Come on, a lot of us care about you! DON'T DO IT!

3. This is the least of my problems, but I missed "Arrested Development" last night, but Arn made me a beautiful pen out of some exotic wood from the Rain Forest. Thanks. And, thanks, for the lovely dinner last night. It was great seeing you, Nancy, Dave, Isaac, Scott & Tiffany! You guys take care...I still love you, but I'm just not so much into the juggling thing anymore. You will always be my great friends.


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