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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Perhaps I Was Wrong

I sent Doug the links to the disastrous night Indiana & Ohio Railroad had asking if his firm represented them.

His response was, "Yikes, I hope we represent them, cha-ching."

My iPod seems to be behaving now. Haven't been able to back up all the files...yet. But, I don't feel so bad about sending it off, because apparently, I backed them up not so long ago. Plus, I have all of my recently purchased iTunes still on my other computer. I just need to hook this thing up to a printer that has ink and print off my playlists. At least this computer is recognizing it now.

A good sign, eh?

That reminds me, in addition to digging out my decent clothes in the next two days, I have to print off some new business cards.

Now, what did I do with those new ink cartridges?


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