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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Three New Obsessions!

1. The Treillage community off of Hamilton-Mason Road.

2. Watching that weird guy, Dave, eat.

3. Fried Pickles.

Number one: that place is so fucking weird! It's scary at night. I envision it as a place Charles Manson would come in and kill a bunch of rich people. Look at this home, check out the furniture. Crazy weird. But I so want to live there...if I could afford a $650,000 house. Yeah, right, only if we get Dan and Doug to finance it. BTW, just looked at the listing again and last night it $655,000, now it's only $649,000.

Number two: Dave; he has the stupidest hair and beard I've ever seen. But I'm obsessed by watching him eat. It is so disgusting. He always picks up a roll, looks at it, puts it back and gets a new one. Then he slices it longways and slathers it with butter.

Number three: Brad sat next to me and had a special order of fried pickles made up. Now, I despise pickles, but I tried them and have to say, there is something very compelling about them. Yah, I liked them!

As Brad said, "There is always something good about a woman who will try new things."


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