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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'll Admit It, I'm A Cincinnati Reds Fan!

How in the hell did this happen? I've always described myself as a "fair-weather fan." I normally only care about Cincinnati sports when either the Reds or Bengals are doing well. Let's face it folks, they have both sucked for a long, long time.

Now the Cincinnati Reds are completely blowing this season, but I find myself listening to them on the radio (while driving around for way longer than necessary) and then coming home and watching the Reds on TV!


I have no idea, but I am completely committed to "MY" Cincinnati Reds. Is it because I've actually been to several games in this young season? Huh? Why do a give a rat's ass about the Cincy Reds?

BTW, Steve Stewart on 700 WLW SUCKS! We need the "Old Left-Hander" Joe Nuxhall, back on the airwaves. Long live "The Old Left-Hander!"


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