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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Watching Paul Play Texas Hold'Em

Paul (er, Will) and I have been working on our site all night. Got a lot of unnecessary crap done. Ya know, should the titles be centered or left justified? What font size...12 or 14 pt? Can we make this little blackjack chart color coded?

Well, we did all of that tonight and now I am trying to learn more about Texas Hold'Em. I can't get the betting stuff figured out in my head. Check, call, raise, fold...the flop, the turn and river...Too much shit for my feeble little mind to handle!

Enough about gambling.

More good karma tonight. Went to Rafferty's and ran into Bo. Haven't seen him in 4-5 months. Just as I'm ready to leave, "The D's" came in. I've only talked to them once or twice, but Donna is such an animated character. She's suffered through breast cancer and is doing well. In 51 weeks from tonight, we are meeting there to celebrate our 50th birthdays together! Oh, yeah, she's 10 days older than me.

Bev, said, "What are we celebrating next year 100 years?" Nope, only 99, it's in the middle of our birthdays and Donna's 10 days older than me!


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