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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nice Weekend (So Far)

Last night I hung out with Roxy and Rick for "date night." Great time. We went to some little dive bar and had many beers and shots. Have you ever had a chocolate cake shot? Amazing stuff when prepared right.

Slept very late today. And I needed it. I'm still on New Orleans time where I stay up all night and sleep late. The problem is I have to go to work. I have got to turn this around...I need to work for myself so that I can do that shit! Not yet since I'm not making any money on my own, but you wait! In the next couple of years, I'll be rolling in the dough (I hope) and work 3-4 hours a day.

I layed in the pool and read my "Entertainment Weekly" this afternoon. That is my idea of a relaxing Saturday in the summer. The pool was surprisingly clean (I haven't cleaned it for a week.) Tomorrow it will get its proper dose of chlorine and vacuuming.

Plus, I am weedwacking tomorrow. Just need to get some decent sleep tonight (and not all day).

That's it for now. Oh, one other thing...I think I fixed my computer. Just have to open it up and blow all the dust out of the fans. Nick. it's not the hard drive dying, just the fans clogged up with dust. Now, I have to fix Paul's PC because the dumn ass let a virus download. I'm sure this will be a bigger task than giving a computer a blow job!


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