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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Finished A Really Boring Project Today

I've been working on this crap since the last week of May! I'm not done yet. Still have to write the pages and products, and then go back and find all the stuff that has been updated from last year. It's still another two weeks or so of work to get set, but holy shit, I finally conquered the worse of it!

Feels good. Now I just need to get info from two more manufacturers and I can complete those pain-in-the-ass projects. Get back with me already!

I need some closure before I go on vacation again in a week and a half.

Yup, off to the IJA Festival. I am sooooooo bored with juggling, but I kind of promised Merry I would go with her. I would really prefer to stay home and start working on this wreck of a house than travel to corn country. But, I guess I'll be in Iowa soon. Bahhhhhhhh!


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