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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Where Is Ian Turner?

I understand nobody, other than myself, reads this dreck. But, if you happen to find this...Ian Turner a well-respected SEO, moderator and attendee of the WebmasterWorld Conference last week in New Orleans, hasn't been seen since Saturday.

I've never met Ian, and don't recognize him by his photo, but I was at that conference. Seems like I would have met him outside with the other smokers.

Anyway, if you have any information, let me know. His wife Ali is going crazy trying to figure out what happened to him. Apparently, he never got on his flight to Atlanta. I know from talking to folks in the airport bar Sunday that flights to Atlanta had been delayed for hours because of storms. For more details go to Nick W's site at Threadwatch.

Ali, I hope everything is well. Must be a horrible time for you.


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