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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Got To Pack Again

I've been home for four days now from New Orleans and have to get ready for another trip.

Clothes in the dryer...check. Cats on the bed...check. Vials in the suitcase...check.

Let me explain that last little brain fart I had last night. It is a pain in the ass trying to get 20 some people, six different families to go to Hueston Woods to sprinkle Mom's ashes! Why not take them to the slumber party (along with my vials) and start spreading them everywhere?

Paul and Dad are very open to the idea. Haven't bounced it off my other two brothers yet...so surprise! Dan and Doug, you'll be hearing from me tomorrow.

Then, how about this idea kids? I open up this blog and everytime you sprinkle something, you report it? Where, how was the weather, the date. We can keep Mama's journal with us.

I wan't to sprinkle her everywhere. Like Graeter's. I always said her tombstone would say, "She never got beyond the caramel."

I love you guys and can't wait to see you tomorrow!


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