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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Dad Beat Me On A Scratch!

Hey Nicky-poo, you know how that feels, right?

Bought a pool table from my ex-husband today for $50. Yup thought it would be a piece of shit, but no, looks pretty good to me. I challenged dad to a match and he beat me on my fuck-up.

We're off to Gatlinburg next Wednesday for our Third Annual Roberts family reunion. It's going to be weird without mom there. But mom, I will be spreading your ashes at the chalet, the go kart track and anywhere else they need to be!

I still love and miss you so much!

I asked dad tonight if he read that poem at their wedding that I'm going to read at Rachel and Kyle's wedding. And his response was, "No, I sang it to her."

Holy shit. I'm going to cry my eyes out, especially since it happens on what would have been your 50th wedding anniversary. Rachel and Kyle August 27, 2005; Kathy and Bill August 27, 1955.

Jeeebus, I hope I don't make an ass out of myself!


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