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Friday, August 05, 2005

Sitting Here Watching The News On My Kick-Ass Computer

Had to take my boss for a prostate biopsy today. Dropped him off and took the server down to Debco and then got a duplicate title for my Altima I gave to Steve last night. Then had to sit in the waiting room for another two and a half hours. Played a bunch of video poker on the trusty PocketPC and then realized I was so hungry...I almost ate my hand.

Then the nurse came out and took me back to be with my boss. How fuckin' weird is that? I really didn't want to go and see him in a hospital gown. She asked, "Are you family?" I replied, "No I'm an employee, should I be back here?" She said, "Somebody has to listen to the instructions and sign him out."

So I made the treck back following the grey arrows to recovery. There he was in his little gown and blue slipper sock thingies with the traction thingies on the bottom. Shit, I was embarrassed. And, he probably was too. What a pain in the ass this guy is! The nurse offered him a drink and he wanted a Harvey Wallbanger. She said, "Seriously, what do you want?" He said, "Seriously, I want a Harvey Wallbanger."

Anyway, I felt very awkward sitting there with my boss. But he is fuckin' hilarious. Just killed them all with his stupid little jokes. Like, "That thing they stuck up my ass was the size of a baseball bat."

OK, kids, stopping now with the TMI bullshit.

The best thing that happened was he took me to Perkins for lunch or breakfast or whatever. I had two eggs over medium, hash brown casserole, geotta and pancakes! Yup, my belly was full!

But, the important things I dropped on him (besides needing a raise - too much of a pussy to discuss that). I told him when we get that server back, somebody had to install it besides me. My technology knowledge isn't shit anymore! Yup, I can (sometimes) rank in the search engines. But have I kept up on computer technology lately? Um, no.

Then I dropped on him I'm going back to Las Vegas in November for the WebMasterWorld Conference.

All's good in the neighborhood.

P.S. I had a good swim tonight and didn't drown.


Blogger Sweepy said...

"Had to take my boss for a prostate biopsy today." <-- That is one awesomely hilarious opener. I laughed so hard, I bet not a lot of people has been in that situation.

1:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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