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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Anxiety Attack Last Night

It all started at work yesterday morning. I've been waiting for two years and two months for updates from our shopping cart software! The contract said the work would be finished by July 31, 2003. Many phone calls and emails and no responses from these ass-clowns.

So, I check my email (as I do everyother morning) and surprise, an email from the idiot. But, here's the thrilling and heart stopping part...Something like, Rochelle, we've decided to pull this software off the shelf. It is suggested you find another solution.

WTF? What does this mean? You are also hosting my account. Are you going to pull the plug on my bosses business. SHIT!!!

I remembered a hosting company, back in the day before they disabled the forums. I called him and he basically said, Nope can't host that software because of the way they changed the licensing. You'll have to move to a new platform. (Added--after much research on this host, he doesn't offer dedicated servers and he hosts a lot of gay porn sites...um, no thanks, can't put the company in that position, hee hee.)

Yup, that will take me a year or so, plus keeping up on updates, etc.

Then I meet Candice and Jim for a drink and Jim is busting my chops saying, come on, you can transfer in a week. Dude, I don't know what you're smoking, but give me some. I mean we have over 2000 categories and over 6000 products. Jim, you might be living in some strange Jetstones dream world, but you have no idea what our site is about and all the freakin' bold red and blue crap to make a point!

Long story short...talked to the one tech support dude left and he told me somebody to call. I've found my new host. A great guy and I don't have to change anything. He's well versed in this platform and can deal with it. Andrew, let's talk tomorrow...you've got our business.


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