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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bob Loblaw

Holy shit! How funny is this. Come on kids, just say it outloud! He he.

Gotta love "Arrested Development." Two episodes so far, the worst ratings ever, but fuck, still the funniest show EVER on Television!

What is the problem, America? Can't you handle not having a laugh track? How much more can I preach about this excellent show? I mean, fuck, is everybody in the USA retarded? Must be.

OK, one more time, and I swear you will laugh hilariously, just say it out loud! Bob Loblaw!

This is so pathetic that the TV best show, and I'll say it outloud, before or after "Seinfeld" only draws 3-4 million a week! Come on kids, Charlize Theron is even guest starring for a five week stint.

Yup, the current Oscar winner went after them (from what I've read) and wanted to guest star on this show.

Why aren't you watching??? Come on, you don't need a fuckin' laugh track to know when to laugh. Trust me, the chicken dances are enough to crack you up.



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