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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Candice And I Came Up With A Plan

So, Dad is obviously falling in love with this millionaire woman. Just as I decide I don't want to leave this house, he maybe getting ready to leave.

Hooked up with my daughter tonight and we decided we're prepared if he leaves. Yup, PARTY HOUSE! Already bought the pool table and looking at slot machines and pinball machines.

Candice talked to her husband, Jim, and he's all set to adopt this little scheme. Now we just have to get rid of Dad. And, I need to take over the mortgage. Yes, this could work. It would be Paul, Candice, Jim and I sharing a house.

Jim and Candice always talked about getting a house and taking care of me. Well now, they just have to move in here and take care of me...GET READY TO PARTY!!!

On another note, GO BENGALS! I hope you wipe the Bears asses out of Chicago. Of course I'm scared since the Bengals are getting such good press. Hell, they were voted the number nine power team on MSN. It worries me that things are going so well for them. But then, I'm a pessimist, just like my kitty Butthead (who walks around all day saying, "out" when he isn't out of food or water). Just me. Don't like it when things look too good.

Goodnight. Think I'll probably end up at Chili's again for the big game.


Blogger TyreDurgan said...

I want to move in. I'm ready to transfer from my dumb ass college.

2:56 AM


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