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Friday, September 16, 2005

Margaritas ROCK

Started the Wellbutrin about three days ago to stop smoking. The doctor said it takes about two weeks to get into my system. Hopefully, she says, when I come back for my four week visit, I'll be smoking half as much.

OK, so it's not supposed to be in my system yet? From the first day, I've had very little desire to drink beer. Smeriously, I actually think about coming home at night instead of my usual hour or two at happy hour. Kids, I don't want to come home! I enjoy my friends I've met at Roxy and Bev's places. Plus, I need that down time each day. I work on the computer for 8-9 hours at work and come home and do another 2-4 hours. Everyday!

Tonight, I drank a couple of margaritas...they were yummy. Very refreshing. Time to put my laundry in the dryer and do some actual work (as I watch CNN coverage of Katrina).

Perhaps, I'll start drinking Iced Tea during happy hour...yeah, right!


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