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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Survivor Starts Tomorrow

The good shows start this week.

First off, I don't think Survivor is that great of a show, I'm just addicted and can't wait.

Secondly, Arrested Development is the best show ever on TV and it starts Monday. However, FOX fucked up by not releasing season two until October 11. How are people supposed to figure out this show without previous episodes? Really think you blew this one, guys. "I blue myself."

Thirdly, Nip/Tuck begins Tuesday. I can't wait. Looks like it will be even more twisted (is that possible?) than in the first two seasons.

And of course, the Emmy Awards are on Sunday. Don't think AD can do much against Desperate Housewives (even though DH isn't a true comedy) but I still like it.

Here's my stance, AD is WAAAAAYYYYYY better than DH (as far as true comedies go).


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