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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Realize Nobody Reads This Dreck

I've probably used that headline before?

Smeriously, a good SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) who has an excellent book, "SEO Book" is being sued by the clowns from Traffic Power (now 1st Place or whatever...1 Place?) for God knows what.

Aaron, you are one of the most honest guys I've had the pleasure of emailing back and forth and I hope this sets a precedent against ass-wipes like them.

Anyhow, Aaron has set up a legal defense fund to not fold to these idiots. I have contributed, and so should you!

Here's the post from threadwatch.org encouraging all of us that "Blogging Is Not A Crime."

Blogging Is Not A Crime!

The short story is this: Aaron is being sued over comments left on his blog by his readers about a notoriously unsavoury company called Traffic Power, or 1p. Within the Search industry, these people are regarded as the lowest of the low, and if you dig through some of those Search results, or the links at the bottom of this post, you'll find all the gory details. Suffice to say, they are considered theives and villains by the overwhelming majority of the Search Marketing community.

We don't think it's right, do you?

We feel this has to end here. There is far more at stake than a scummy company vs a blogger - this is about free speech on blogs, and the right for users to comment, without blog publishers having to fear lawsuits.

So, What Can YOU Do?

See the graphic at the top right? It links to the donate to Aarons legal costs post. You can start by giving him a few $$$'s to fight these people effectively.

Help Promote the Blogging is NOT a Crime Campaign
By using one of these lovely graphical banners on your blog, forum or website, you will help spread the word, and raise more cash - enabling better lawyers and legal council. Simply pick one that fits your site, and link it to the donate post.

Simple eh? Don't you feel GOOD now?


There is much to the history of TP/1p, and you can find a lot of it in the Google searches linked above, but recently, these are the more notable posts and discussions on the subject if you'd like more in-depth information to quote and link to.

Wall Street Journal: Blogger Faces Lawsuit OverComments Posted by Readers
LockerGnome: SEOBook vs. Traffic Power - Bloggers on Trial
Slashdot: Blog Faces Lawsuit Over Reader Comments
MediaChannel: Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Comments Posted by Readers
Search Engine Watch: Traffic Power Files Suit Against SEO Book
Web Pro News: Aaron Wall Sued Over SEOBook Blog Comments
Threadwatch: SEOBook Sued by Traffic Power Arsewipes, Considers Pulling Content


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