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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Calf Roping And My Daughter

Before I begin, I must throw out a qualifying statement. The tickets were FREE.

Candice and I went to the Longhorn Rodeo Sunday because Donatos had a suite at the arena. It was a different experience. We were going to count the mullets in the audience. Surprisingly, we didn't see any. We did see one dude walking around with spurs on his boots and many cowboy hats, but no mullets.

The bronco riding was cool, but the calf roping was so uncool. Those poor little animals getting practically strangled, whiplashed and tied up by the feet while the horses would (sometimes) start dragging them around. Candice was upset and saying "stop it, you're hurting them." I looked over at her and she had tears streaming down her face. My sweet little girl was crying at the rodeo.

Candice, I may tell everybody about this, but I'm not making fun of you. That was one of the most endearing moments ever and I adore you.


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