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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Winter In Cincinnati

How stupid is the weather in Cincy? Wednesday, it was colder than hell and snowy. Today, it was sunny and 57!

On another note, check out this article I stole:

"DEER PARK, Ohio -- Police say a woman stole an unusually large vehicle on Thursday morning.
Officers said a deliveryman was unloading product at a Dairy Mart in Deer Park just after 7 a.m. when his vehicle was taken, causing him to fall off. His vehicle happened to be a bright green 7UP delivery truck. The truck was spotted by Silverton police on Kennedy Avenue a few minutes later and pulled over.

A woman driving the truck was taken into custody. Officers said the woman told them she was having "a bad day".

The deliveryman was treated for minor injuries. The incident is still under investigation."

Whateva! I have lots of bad days but have never resorted to anything that stupid.


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