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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Another Glorious Day In Cincy

Wow, the weather is rocking! I guess the humidity will return in less that two weeks?

Let's see, I went to the river bank today and read, went shopping, washed my car, went shopping again, and ended up at O'Chux. Yeah, I know that's a surprise. Scottie (aka Big Boy) you freakin' crack me up! Scottie is a cop and one of the funniest people I've ever met. Here are some quotes from Scottie tonight:

"I'm hung like a tuna can, short and wide."

"Driving that damn truck stirs up my intestines and makes me poop rabbit pellets."

"God I hate that guy, I'd rather have you stand on my penis with golf cleats than have to talk to him."

So, should I get the pool ready again? Probably, I think I'm stuck in this house for at least the summer. Tomorrow, I'm going to climb down the ladder and slash that damn liner and get it draining. Then, I might take my bike out for the first time in two years.

Kids, this is disgusting. I'm showing my new pen Arn made for me to Paul. Let's go back for a moment...Chez is in heat again and she's loving us both. Then he takes my pen and says, "Here's another use" and points it to Chez's hoochie. Ewwww, gross.

BTW, I just did spell check and I mispelled "freakin'." The suggestion was "foreskin." Hehe.


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