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Friday, April 15, 2005

Beautiful In South West Ohio

Another glorious day in the Cincy area. Need to do some weed wacking tomorrow since I never got around to it last weekend. Cookouts take priority, damnit!

It's a pain in the ass trying to get the whole family together to spread Mom's ashes. We thought it was all set up for Mother's Day, until I found out Candice and Jim are leaving for Gatlinburg that afternoon and Nick and Sarah won't return from Chicago until later in the day. I honestly think Nick was crying when I told him the date and he wouldn't be able to partake. He's such a sensitive feller.

So, I came up with the plan that we give Mom the proper treatment, either the evening before the whole tribe goes to Gatlinburg or the morning of the trip. So far, Dad and Paul are for it...haven't heard from the rest of the clan. Where are you guys and why aren't you reading your email?

Also, I bought two dozen plastic vials so each of us can have some ashes to keep Mom with us. She wants to be sprinkled at Hueston Woods at her favorite spot where she used to read and grade papers. I want to spread some ashes in Gatlinburg (her favorite place the last couple of years) and around the spots where all of the animals have been buried.

Sounds like a plan, eh?

BTW, Mom, I miss you every stinkin' day and I love you so much!


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