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Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Shees, finally a three day weekend! I don't get many holidays where I work. The only guaranteed ones each year are Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Labor Day (only because they are certain to be on the calendar Thursday, Monday and Monday.) My boss makes up reasons that if Christmas falls on a Sunday, then we get no time off. Supposedly we get floating holidays, but to actually take one of those floating holidays would mean me sitting in the shit house for, um, I don't know, a year or two?

Met Jack and Jenny for happy hour. They are such good people. I'm going to their house Sunday for dinner. First though, Jack is golfing with my Dad Sunday morning. I can't believe my Dad stole my friend. This sucks. Isn't anything sacred anymore? How can my Dad steal my friend? Doesn't matter, Jenny and I are going to start golfing and ruin their little outings. Plus, we will be fishing with them. Sorry boys, but not much more time alone.

Hey, we finally added the Blackjack Tutorial tonight. Great job Will for writing this.


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