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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Another Saturday Night, But It's A Three Day Weekend

I slepted so late today; still recovering from last weekend. Nick popped into my room and he had apparently been here for awhile. Geez, I'm so tired. But, I don't have to work until Tuesday.

Nick said let's have a cookout. He ROCKS. He did everything...the cooking, getting the utensils, plates and even cleaned up everything!

Candice started talking about a game she had played called, "What The Fuck?" We called the Hustler store and they had four left. So, Candice and I went to the Hustler store and she found an obnoxious tshirt that says, "Fuck Me If You Love Jesus." The two clerks cracked up that she was buying that shirt and told us that a customer came in and turned the whole pile upside down. Why in the hell are Jesus freaks hanging out in the Hustler store? Did they want a vibrator, porno disc or lubricant? WTF?

I wanted to take a picture of her wearing that shirt in front of the big Jesus statue up the road. Unfortunately. she had to pee too bad and we had to make our way home. Yup, these guys want to climb the Jesus hands...just hope nobody gets arrested.

Anyway, we played the game and it was fun. What's better than hanging out with your family on a Saturday night? Nothing!


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