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Monday, June 27, 2005

Thank You New Orleans!

Where do I begin? Not enough time to write, but I spent three hours tonight making notes. I'm going to start with a summary and thank all of the great people I met...locals and others I've known for years.

I went down to New Orleans for the WebmasterWorld Conference; my fifth one. The conference was only three and a half days, but I went for eight and a half days. This is my summary and more will follow.

First of all the locals I met early on before the conference:

Lisa: You are a goddess. Good for you retiring at 40 and having a whopping good time "slinging beer." You are great! I am so grateful that I found your place on my first night in New Orleans. Something just made me walk into that place and I felt so welcome. Remember, you were supposed to be working Sunday, which is why I came back, but you weren't there.

Beth: Holy shit! What can I say about you? You are the most personable, beautiful, funny, great young gal I've ever met (besides my Candice!) Yeah, you know how to work the customers! Keep that "Magnificent Rack", hair, eyes, personality...working for you!) Girl, you cracked me up!

Lisa & Beth: I hope you actually make the road trip up here in the fall. I'll introduce you to my favorite Cincinnati bartenders, Roxy and Bev. Too bad they don't work together like you two. You chics made my fucking week...thank you!

K.C.: First thought was, you were very strange, but after I got to know you over the week, I enjoyed being around you. Glad you're getting rid of that "Rose Lady" job. Good luck with the tourist station. Yup, you made me laugh and thanks for running across the street to get me a camera.

Peter: I remember Beth whispering in a question mark, "Peter?" Your girlfriend had broken up with you and you lost the battery to your cell phone and came in to the bar to call work and say you weren't coming in for two nights. I witnessed you on the phone. Too bad you got suspended for a week and I never got the Hustler Club tour. I had an amazing night with you (after Beth assured me you were harmless) playing ping pong and drinking until 5:30 a.m. But, dude, you seriously suck at ping pong!

Insurance Dude from New York: Met you on Saturday night (my last night.) Remember Beth's little show? Hee hee.

Jack at the Irish pub: I had to check out of my hotel at 11:00 a.m. and walked around Jackson Square, the river and the French Quarter for hours. Suddenly, I was very tired and hot and wanted a Bloody Mary. I saw your sign, "The Best Bloody Marys in the French Quarter." That was one of only a few Bloody Mary's I've had in my life, but, it was fabulous. You are a very intelligent and funny guy. I had fun that time I spent bullshitting with you.

Now for my Webmaster buddies:

Bobbie: You were the first I met from the conference. And, to be honest, you were the last person I wanted to meet. But, you gave me some great info. Thank you. Now I have to find the time to put those ideas to work.

Scott: The best tip I got all week was from you, although second hand from Bill. Why did I only see you one night? Did you leave early? I love you man. I'm glad we're still link friends, even though our bosses don't like it.

Ross: Thanks for the little walk through the slum to the Walgreen's late Saturday night. You rock buddy...you are one of my oldest friends in this community. And, I want that care package.

Jim: Yeah, good seeing you again. I won't forget.

Brett: Great show. You really outdid yourself this time and I picked up a few great useful nuggets!

Todd and Roger: It was great bragging about getting out of the alleged "sandbox" on competitive terms and you guys quizzed me about how many links, how long... I really respect you two. You are the greatest in this industry!

Callum and a different Roger: Thanks for walking with me down that scary place Canal Street in search of the places we were supposed to be on Bourbon Street. It was very nice chatting with you. Roger, yeah, it was a long and hot walk, but you survived. Callum, that was the first time I officially met you, but I've known about you for a long time. It was very sweet the way you would take the outside of the sidewalk so I wouldn't get hit by a car.

Tara & Mimi: Didn't get to spend too much time with you at the WebmasterRadio thingy, but Tara, thanks for coming up and bullshitting with me Pat O'Brian's.

I'm sure there are other people I have forgotten, but I'll catch up in the details.

Oh, yeah, thanks to the cabbie that I hired twice. The first time after he saved my life.

That's it for now. Have to finish the laundry and get some sleep.


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