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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lisa, Beth, Peter & K.C.

Where in the Hell are you?

I am so upset over the hurricane bullshit...looting, shooting, riots, rapes, murders and whatever. Lisa, could you contact me? I realize you probably don't have the option of checking your email, but I am so smerious, come up here guys and I'll find you jobs. I have lots of space to put you up and lots of new restaurants opening up around here. There are plenty of new places to sling beer!

God, I hope you guys are safe. I'm not a religious person, but fuck, I'm praying for you kids. I want to see you again!

I love you guys. Come on N.O. BEER BITCH, get back with me already!




Anonymous Honda Hobo said...

Smeriously, I'm sure that they are okay. Most people got out. Besdies I haven't seen any white people on the news. lol..sorry..Except for the news people that is. Sorry I had to change my name to hide my identity. I'm smeriously sure that you will figure it out. Now give me a call and let's go get some smirnof and washington apples and drink the worries away.

1:42 AM


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