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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Survived!

Got through the web server change and the big date with Ron.

The sever change finally finished today. Thanks Andrew, you seem like a great guy to be working with. You took every note I had and fixed them. I'm so happy I found you at the critical moment. (Even though, looking at your .htaccess file, mine was identical except for one slash mark. I don't think it was such a big deal that you made it out to be.) I realize you have to sound important, but who was it that brought the whole 301/302 redirects to your attention? And, who sent you the kick-ass articles to back up my concerns? Yep, it was me! And I believe you thanked me for the info. Right?

NickW...can't believe you're turning over threadwatch after 14 months. Good luck with your new venture. You built a great, intimate community at threadwatch very quickly. I adore your sense of humour and ability to tell it like it is. If I recall, you were the first guy to publicly out Googleguy (even though, everybody in the world knew who he was [and is]). Kudos to you.

Aaron, I have confidence you can follow in Nick's footsteps. I tried to talk to you in Vegas, but you were almost as popular as Matt Cutts. I don't have much patience and I had a fucked-up foot. Good luck dude!

Finally, Ron, I had a great time last night. That chemistry we had the first time we met is still there. Only about 18 times better. I hope to see you soon.


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