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Friday, February 18, 2005

Family Of Four Partaking Of The Last Supper

Rachel reminded me of the Henna tattoo that turned into a serious allergic reaction in Montreal. (Shit we have traveled to a lot of places over the past five years.) Had a scar on my arm, in the shape of a sun, for a year! Look here; this is when we were happy and didn't realize I would be scarred for a very long time. By the way, the cute one on the left is Rachel; the old, fat-armed one on the right is me.

Anyway, got my new tires tonight and got suckered into another $48 for "Roadside Assistance." At least my son, Nick, says it's a good program and a smart thing to do. I felt bad when I called them earlier and found out the price Chet quoted me was $40 less than what it should be. I hope poor Chet doesn't get fired. That's why I was so agreeable to an add-on. Let them get some money back and please don't fire Chet. He gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling. And, leaving "
Tire Discounters" tonight, the manager also gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling! Yup, you have a new customer for life! How can you go wrong with a sense-of-humor company that has on their billboards, "I can see clearly now my brain is gone."

Oh, another thing, Rachel, on the way to the tire store I glanced at my odometer. It read 56,666 miles. Immediately I thought of you.

Ended up hanging out with Nick tonight at Rafferty's (in the bar). It was getting time to leave and I look over to my right at the family of four chowing down on nacho's. Their buzzer went off and the kids started freaking out...should we take our plates, should we take our silverware; should we do this or that? Finally dad convinces them to go to the table while he pays the check at the bar. The kids and wife start grabbing for the last little bits of chips and stuff. They leave and I swear, dad grabs his fork and starts stuffing the rest of the shit in his face.

I'm cracking up and trying to get Nick (on his phone) to watch this ritual. He completely ignores me. Then, I look at Bev; we both have these crazy looks in our eyes, and we just burst out with screaming laughs.

I think they just got their income tax refund!


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