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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finally, An iPod That Works And I'm Inspired

Had to wait for Candice and Jim to leave before I could gain control of my computer. Had time to eat a sandwich and share it with Cleo. On my way home, I actually listened to tunes instead of sports or right-wing conservative AM radio talk on WLW.

What a refreshing change of pace!

WooHoo, I have music again!

Yesterday, I bought the Giant Drag and Dandy Warhols new releases. I listened to Giant Drag on my way home and was reminded how it felt in the early to mid-nineties and hear refreshing sounds like Veruca Salt, Letters To Cleo, Republica, Juliana Hatfield, They Eat Their Own, Transistor, Garbage and, even, Courtney Love's Hole. All female led bands with strong vocals.

OK. Time to write an article on my long-suffering site http://www.indie-culture.com. I'll finish my thoughts there.


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