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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Finally Heard From Lisa In New Orleans!

Apparently, she sent me an email a few days ago which I never received. The gist is she and Beth stayed there and had no running water but plenty of food, water and alcohol. The dumbass management ran off in the last available vehicle without telling them! Dumn Asses!

They were stuck there for six days until the troops took them to safety. Lisa hadn't heard from her kids for three days! Plus, Lisa personally evacuated about 8-9 folks staying in the hotel to her family's home so they could fly home.

Lisa, you are my hero and I'm so happy to hear from you.

Folks, this sucks big time. Fuck off, once again, W.

Whatever, they are safe now and I'm very relieved. Thank God or Jeebus or whomever, they're ok!!!

I do love you guys. I realize I only knew you for 9-10 days, but you kids made a memory in my life. Smeriously, I hope Peter is ok (even though I never made to the Hustler club).

Beth, perhaps one day I can come to San Diego and see you again. I can't stand the fact that I will never see you and Lisa together. You two made my 10 days very memorable. I'm so happy I got down there before the disaster. Once again, I love you and God speed.



Blogger TyreDurgan said...

Good to hear your friends are OK! But Smeriously if you think Bush sucks. Have you seen Cheney? Man what an ass he is!

3:45 PM

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